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Between Church and Wellington on Queen St.

Between Church and Wellington on Queen St.

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Can I drive after my eye exam?

Most patients find that after the eye exam they are okay to drive.

During the eye examination eyedrops may be used that dilate the pupils to help the eye doctor to see the back of the eye. It is legal to drive after using these eyedrops, as long as you are comfortable with your vision. Some patients find that their vision is slightly blurred after these eyedrops are used but it does not affect them much. In addition, the eyedrops can cause light sensitivity for a few hours after the examination so we recommend that sunglasses be worn after the eye exam during daylight hours. For very light sensitive patients they may be more comfortable having someone drive them home after the eye examination. All drops used for the purposes of the eye examination have short duration activity and generally within 2 to 6 hours the effects of these drops should be worn off.

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