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Between Church and Wellington on Queen St.

Between Church and Wellington on Queen St.

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Who should have their pupils dilated?

A dilated retinal examination is strongly recommended for patients who:

  • have diabetes
  • are at risk of retinal holes or tears (strongly nearsighted)
  • have a history of trauma to the head or eye
  • are seeing flashes of light, floaters, cobwebs in their vision or a curtain over their vision
  • have naturally small pupils
  • have poor vision in one eye, due to a lazy eye, disease, injury or accident
  • take medications that can affect the retina
  • have an unexplained decrease in vision
  • have any other signs or symptoms that cannot be explained

Exciting news!

We are working hard this week getting the office ready to resume seeing patients! We are doing everything we can to keep you safe and healthy, and expect to begin seeing patients on Monday, June 8th, 2020.

Due to new regulations, we are required to adjust our schedules to allow for physical distancing in the office. This means that we will be prioritizing appointments based on need. If you have an appointment scheduled, please consider it cancelled. We will be contacting each of you personally to discuss your appointment, this will take some time, so please hang in there with us as we are doing our very best.

If you have an eye concern and have already discussed it with Dr. Venn, we will be contacting you to arrange an appointment. If you have vision or eye health concerns please call us at 519.284.4144.

Thank you so much for your patience, our St. Marys Optometry team is looking forward to seeing you again!